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  • 5 Reasons to Choose Tsavorite Jewelry


    Tsavorite jewelry has become the next Big Thing in the world of beautiful, statement piece jewelry collections.  These precious stones are becoming increasingly sought after thanks to their appearance, versatility and overall value.  With so many new people becoming aware of and interested in these amazing gemstones, we thought we would bring together the Top Five reasons why more and more people are turning to tsavorite jewelry.

    Clarity and Beauty

    Tsavorite gemstones are a brilliant and bright green that sparkles and reflects light with an amazing shine.  Their bright color and dynamic reflectivity make them a sparkling addition to any jewelry collection.  When couples with diamonds and other stones of a more muted color, tsavorite gemstones really pop, making them true statement pieces.


    Tsavorite jewelry pieces are well known for being able to complement any kind of look.  There are set pieces that can pair well with a high-end, formal even regal look as well as options for more casual, everyday looks.  This diversity comes from the wide selection of tsavorite jewelry available on the market as well as the ability for loose tsavorite gemstones to be fitted into such a wide variety of settings.

    A Young Stone with a Long History

    Tsavorite is a fairly new gemstone and has only been mined commercially since the 1970s.  But don’t let its young age fool you – tsavorite gems have a long, rich (and somewhat complicated) history.  These amazing gemstones were originally found by a professional gemologist who was unable, at the time, to gain permission to mine the precious stone.  Once he found the gemstone again in a neighboring country, he was able to secure permission but still needed help bringing this stone to the wider attention of the world.  The iconic fashion trend-setter Tiffany & Co. stepped in to help name the gemstone and elevate it to worldwide acclaim by naming it one of their Legacy Gemstones.

    Healing Properties

    There are many people who believe in the healing and restorative health benefits of a number of different gemstones.  The idea behind this belief is essential that as gemstones are formed by the Earth, they also pick up a number of health benefits through their creation.  Some gemstones are credited with improving a variety of conditions and ailments.  Tsavorite has been associated with the Heart-Chakra and is used to aid in respiratory problems and even help with emotional turmoil.  It is also connected to a boost in immunity as well as improving creativity and imagination.


    Some people shy away from discussing price or value when it comes to jewelry.  After all, the focus is meant to be on the beauty of a piece, right?  But the truth is that people need to be concerned about overall value since even the most beautiful piece isn’t worth anything if you can’t use or wear it regularly.  Jewelry is meant to be displayed, to be used to complete and complement your look.  Tsavorite jewelry fits the bill perfectly thanks to its longevity and accessibility.  Tsavorite gemstones are one of the most precious gemstones in the world, mined only in a small area of land, but they are not priced outlandishly, making them a truly precious stone that people can enjoy.



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