Tsavorite gemstone

  • Tsavorite: The Rare Gemstone You've Probably Never Heard Of

    Today's customers are more informed on what's available and have a clearer idea of what they want than ever before. This is true in pretty much every industry. Someone in the market for a new high-end television, for example, go into the process with an idea of size, resolution and features they want. It's the result of more information and a better way for customers to connect with reviews, articles about emerging technology and simply a broader understanding of the kind of technical jargon (dpi settings, HDMI readiness, WiFi compatible, ready to stream, etc) than previous generations.

    The same is true in the world of jewelry. Shoppers today run the gamut from traditional collectors and fashionistas who want to create a large and well rounded collection to people who want to buy their first large piece for a wedding, landmark anniversary or other major life milestone. Before they begin shopping in earnest, they will have an idea about metal type, the cut or color they want and, of course, the main gemstone.

    Gemstone trends come and go, with some iconic options always remaining stylish favorites. Diamonds, of course, are perhaps the most commonly used gemstone for these settings. Their beauty make them an obvious choice but their ubiquity also makes them an unlikely choice for people who want something different. So people look for gemstones they are aware of or have seen before. Sapphires, emeralds and other colorful stones have become popular choices since they are known for their brilliance.

    At the same time, the surge in these colorful options means that there are still those who want something that will truly stand out.

    That's where tsavorite comes in.

    If you've never heard of tsavorite (pronounced TAH-vor-ite) before, you're not alone. While tsavorite has a long and rich history, its popularity has always skimmed under the radar with the general public. To be honest, I've never understood why this is. Tsavorite is, quite simply, one of the most brilliant gem stones available today. Many people compare it to emeralds because of tsavorite's brilliantly rich green color. But the truth is that tsavorite is much brighter and has more natural sparkle than an emerald.

    Tsavorite may not be well known now, but I don't think that will be the case for long. The stone was only discovered 40 years ago, so it is quite young when compared to other gemstones. Still, as more people discover this amazing gemstone I'm confident its popularity will surge. I look forward to seeing this tone evolve and become just as well-known and celebrated as other iconic gemstones.

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